​​Pre-registration is always available via PayPal – ($40/$50 - minimum to reserve your position, the rest of the registration fee is due on the day of the event when you sign in) No refunds will be issued under 30 days from the event. This is due to processing fees and the posting of the payouts due to pre-registering.
3/16  Inaugural March Monstercats! $1,500 Added -Kaw Point, KS
4/13  Justin Thornton Painting - Ice Breaker -  Kaw Point, KS
4/27  JC's Reservoir Cats- Cheney Reservoir, KS - $500 Added
5/25-26  Maci’s Fish’N Finds - The Catfishing Battle Of Lexington $1,000 Added- NIGHT
6/15 Meet & Greet: Special Olympics Kansas Athlete & Anglers -   Cabela’s Kansas
6/29 Special Olympics Kansas Clinton State Park,
Lawrence KS - $500 Added
July Open - Possibly St. Joseph, MO
September - Open
9/28-29 Miracle Marine 2019 Border Wars! -
Lexington, MO - $6,000 Added
10/12 Regular Season Finale - Kaw Point, KS
10/26 2019 Tournament Of Champions -
Kaw Point, KS - 100% Payout
12/7 2nd Annual Catfish Games - Lexington MO
Launch order is based on order of registration. More information will be made available regarding pre-registration. 
  • You will be able to register in person on the day of the event.
  • Look for us on Facebook – All American Catfish Tournaments

Regular Season Events

Border Wars! 
Tournament Of Champions

No refunds will be issued under 30 days of the event. This is due to fees and the tournament payouts being posted based on pre-registrations. 

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