All American Catfish Tournaments are familiy friendly events where new, or professional, anglers can come together and compete. Spectators are always welcome at the launch and weigh ins, they can also hang out with us duing the day. 

Look for us on facebook too for all the latest updates with our events or sponsors. You are always welcome to post your fishing questions in our Facebook group too. 

Contact Tim Berger for all sponsorship inquiries on Facebook Messenger or at (913) 486-4462 and at [email protected] All types of sponsors are welcome. 
The staff at Warrior Cat Tackle are anglers themselves, and they take great pride in building relationship with other anglers, and by providing them products they use too. Click the buttonon the left to start shopping for all thier products. If you are not sure about something, you can ask us about it on the All American Catfish tournament page on Facebook, or ask Warrior Cat tackly directly.